How to design your online label from A to Z?

It's hard to imagine products without a label. Beautiful bottles of wine, champagne, or even jars of local honey and cans, these little pieces of paper have greatly revolutionized the image of products by giving them a visual identity to differentiate them from other brands on the market. . Today, it is possible to design your label online from A to Z and be delivered to your home within a respectable time. Here's how!etiquette en ligne

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Create your personalized label online, like a snap

This is the way a lot of online product label design and printing agencies do it now: involve the customer in their product design. Once connected to their site, all you have to do is express your wishes through your choices and your clicks. With this technique, creating an online label has become child's play. Here are the different stages.

Step 1: choose the design material

In terms of subject matter, you will generally be spoiled for choice as the agencies are currently paying attention to detail. You will be able to choose between natural creation paper and pearl creation paper, adhesive coated that can be removed, or even shiny transparent polypropylene ... Each material has specificities, so remember to ask questions to professionals when necessary. if you don't have enough experience in the field.

Step 2: design and send files

For the design of the file to be printed, you have the choice between doing the design yourself if you have the necessary skills, and entrusting it to a subcontractor or its printer (some label printers have graphic design specialists at their disposal). available to customers). If you choose the first option, check with the printer about the fonts, colors and sizes they prefer to get a high-quality rendering.

Step 3: choice of finishes

After the choice of the material, the technical design of the file, place to the finishing. In a few clicks, the customer can choose the finish that goes with the material he has chosen and the file he has proposed. Understand that there is no room for chance. You have the choice between several possible finishes: gloss varnish, gloss lamination, matt lamination, etc.

To get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe finished product, you will generally have access to a sampling of the different proposals that you can vary as you wish to find the ‚Äúperfect‚ÄĚ label for your product.¬†In addition, for many professionals, the shipping of labels is free in mainland France and is done within a short time.¬†Throughout the process, a team remains at your disposal to guide you in your choices and answer your questions.¬†It is a real revolution in the advertising industry sector characterized by its simplicity.

Some Benefits of Online Label Design

Online label design is gaining momentum for several reasons, including new demands from consumers who increasingly pay attention to information on food labels. The practice abounds in many advantages for the customer who will no longer have to make the trip, of wasting a lot of time to discuss with the professionals on the offers and the prices, without forgetting that he can participate from the beginning to the end to the design work for better customization. Saving in time, expense, design time, personalized support to satisfy customers and help them make the label that most enhances their product. With new materials and printing techniques, the label is no longer a classic and outdated means of communication but a real added value to enhance the image and identity of your products and allow you to stand out from the competition.

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