Libertex broker review and platform usage rules

Main information about libertex: The broker Libertex Forex Club started its history in 1997 with 2016 members. Libertex Avis exists with over 100 offices around the world. This system participates in the implementation of public programs according to liberties opinion.

The broker Libertex Forex Club has repeatedly received prestigious awards:

  • Best libertex review commercial terminal;
  • Best broker for newbie traders;
  • Better dealing;
  • The most accurate Forex forecasts on the market;
  • Broker of the year.

The libertex app review broker has a fairly traditional set of services:

  • opening of trading accounts;
  • trading services;
  • current exchange rates;
  • help with history lessons.
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  • Libertex trading and investment instruments notice
  • Structural products libertex trading advice
  • Software and mobile commerce libertex trading review
  • Work with a libertex app review broker
  • Registration on the official website notice libertex crypto
  • Instructions for opening an account on
  • A demo account for libertex signals notice
  • Main advantages of libertex bitcoin review
  • Libertex trading and investment instruments notice

    The broker Libertex Forex Club and libertex review forum offer:

    • actions of various companies;
    • clues;
    • energy (oil, gas);
    • agricultural products (corn, sugar, cocoa, wheat, soybeans, coffee);
    • currency pairs;
    • precious metal;
    • cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, TRON, Monero and 39 other options);
    • information support.

    Accounts opened with the broker Libertex Forex Club receive analytical support.

    Structural products libertex trading advice

    Libertex Forex Club broker offers:

    • Libertex Show¬†trading¬†signals.¬†After login, video reviews, daily analyst signals, additional trading signals within the day are available.¬†In the latter case, 2 packages are available: $ 100 (20 signals for currencies and precious metals) and $ 500 (60 signals);
    • interest (9-12% on all deposits at the end of the year);
    • Trading Central.¬†Analysis system to assess global market trends;
    • market sentiment indicator.¬†Help to get answers to the most important questions for the trader (the state of the Forex foreign exchange market, behavior forecasts, trends observed, orders opened by most traders, etc.);
    • investment ideas and opinions on. Libertex Forex Club offers a choice of loan and underdevelopment (it is allowed to propose ideas and vote for strategies). The execution of the experimental version takes place after verification by the analysis service;
    • * model portfolios based on the principles developed by Harry Markowitz (Nobel Laureate in Economics).¬†Options with different levels of risk (from conservative to aggressive) are available.¬†Portfolios are formed at the start of the year, investment is allowed at any time.¬†Libertex Forex Club clients receive accompanying signals to help optimize portfolio work, comprehensive analytical support, monthly reports on the performance of the selected portfolio;
    • trading systems. Automated EUR4H ($ 500 deposit), designed for the Euro-Dollar currency pair, is built on the volatility-breaking system. Alpha (deposit starting at $ 1,500) and Alpha + Advisor (starting at $ 5,000) operate on intraday seasonal patterns;
    • Telegram channel closed with signals for cryptocurrency traders.
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    There is an International Academy of Investment and Trading, offering courses (full-time, full-time, correspondence, online, for independent study) for beginners, for those who wish to improve their skills or study individually. (with personal expert consultants).

    In addition, Libertex Forex Club has developed a bonus system according to liberties trading advice:

    • 100% welcome bonus for an initial deposit of $ 100. The maximum bonus is $ 10,000. 3 months of use;
    • bonus for a quoted friend.¬†Charge daily $ 1 for each mini-lot transaction, a maximum of 10% of the amount of a friend's replenishment deposit for one week.

    Software and mobile commerce libertex trading review

    Libertex provides 6 terminals:

    • Libertex (own development). There are browser and desktop versions for Windows and macOS. How to use, understand easily;
    • MetaTrader 5;
    • MetaTrader 4;
    • At the same time the trading and the powerful analytical system (allows you to do a large-scale analysis of the market situation);
    • Option for beginners with an adaptive terminal (below the experience level of the trader).¬†Commissions on non-profit transactions are refunded.¬†Help from advisers is available;
    • libertex bitcoin notice mobile application for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

    Work with a libertex app review broker

    Interaction with the broker Libertex Forex Club is regulated. Depending on the results of the libertex crypto notice trading, status points are awarded daily. The following levels are provided:

    • Money (deposit up to $ 500, less than 2000 points);
    • Gold (deposit of $ 500, from 2000 points);
    • Platinum ($ 5,000 deposit, from 10,000 points);
    • Diamond ($ 50,000 deposit, from 150,000 points).

    Each new status opens access to certain services, commercial conditions become more profitable. Special libertex platform notice conditions apply to members of the Libertex VIP Club:

    • reduced commissions;
    • individual programs and prices;
    • personal training with an expert;
    • personal analytical support (investment plan, signals, etc.);
    • high bonuses (up to 30% deposit).
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    Registration on the official website notice libertex crypto

    Registration for the Libertex Forex Club takes 5 minutes. The simplest libertex signals review questionnaire is completed. It is advisable to provide real data in order to avoid any identification problems.

    Before submitting the first withdrawal request, you must complete the account verification procedure. Detailed instructions with a list of documents are sent to the email.

    Instructions for opening an account on

    The steps for opening an account in Libertex Forex Club:

    • create a personal account;
    • authorized ;
    • go to the "Profile" section;
    • fill in personal information;
    • choose a trading platform;
    • specify the type of account (demo or commercial).

    A demo account for libertex signals notice

    On the Libertex trading platform, it is allowed to open only one demo account, on the others there is no limit. There is no time limit for the use, at any time it is allowed to refine the trading strategies. $ 50,000 is available on the virtual account.

    Opening a demo account in the Forex Club reviews libertex forum is simple. Email, name, country and city, phone number is shown and it is confirmed that he is 18 years old.

    Main advantages of libertex bitcoin review

    The advantages of the Libertex Forex Club:

      • no hidden costs;
      • no spreads;
      • fast withdrawal (instant options available without Commission);
      • over 100 trading tools;
      • simple and clear trade;
      • 6 terminals for brokers with different needs;
      • instant recording;
      • leverage ;
      • services for profitable trade;
      • quality technical support;
      • convenient deposit and withdrawal methods;
      • forum to communicate with other traders.

      In general, this broker is considered reliable and popular among both experienced and newbie traders.


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